‘Susu’ has met many audiences through film festivals worldwide, including in the competition section at the 43rd Montreal World Film Festival and the 44th Seattle International Film Festival. The popularity of Susu is also indicated through the box-office success, in April 2018, at the 8th Beijing International Film Festival, three screenings were sold out in 20 seconds within the opening of box-office, while also receiving two full house audiences at 18th East End Film Festival. Susu’s journey has been covered by more than 20 news outlet with more than 100 articles in China, the UK and beyond.

02 March 2021 – 10:50am – Virtual Cinema 15
05 March 2021 – 15:15 – Virtual Cinema 6
“Susu, the assured and alluring feature directorial debut of Yixi Sun, is a reminder of just how far atmosphere, mystery, and style can carry a movie…Sun clearly has a fine handle on the Hitchcockian perversities of her narrative and an eye for arresting images (particularly those involving objects of Chinese culture and vintage cinema), and, overall, Susu seems to signal great things to come – for its creator, if not for the doomed and disturbed characters it revolves around.”
By Nick Rocco Scalia FILM THREAT
Screening Room No.10 / Di Shi Fang Ying Shi
Screening Room No.10 / Di Shi Fang Ying Shi: About two generations of Chinese women living in the UK, from Kunqu Opera star 28 years ago to the emerging new jewellery designer, ‘Susu’ constructs a metaphor and sadness that interacts between the two generations.
Weipaipian: ‘Female director Yixi Sun’s debut selected by the Montreal World Film Festival’
The main shooting location is an English heritage mansion built in the 16 century, together with the millennium bridge on the Thames, the attractions of British countryside view, and the Georgian terrace houses where ‘Paddington Bear’ is shot form the British background of the film. Meanwhile, the use of Chinese Kunqu Opera, costume, and water ink painting also adds a touch of ‘Chineseness’ that compliments the main characters’ upbringing in China.
Sina Entertainment: ‘Female director Yixi Sun’s debut selected by the Montreal World Film Festival’
The international cooperation is reflected in all parts of the filmmaking. The British producer of the film Norman J Warren is an famous and established horror film director since the 1960s; the cast comprises aspiring Chinese actress and established British actors; French composer Fabien Garosi worked closely with Hong Kong born composer Wan Pin Chu for the original sound tracks. There is much international cooperation. Additionally, Director Yixi emphasized that the film used one of the most reputable postproduction company, recording sound with multi-awarded team in Bulgaria, are all part of the objective for the film to be a high-quality production.